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Having trouble getting to the inbox? Need that strategic guidance to understand what you
need to change and improve to help you grow? We can help.

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Our team can help with:

• Resolving spam folder, blocking, and ISP difficulties
• Successful deliverability strategy
• Direct support and actionable advice
• IP warming planning, execution and monitoring
• Implementing SPF, DKIM, DMARC & BIMI authentication protocols

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Case Study

Qompas double their open rate
with deliverability consultant

With the help of Deployteq’s deliverability manager,
Qompas compressed their HTML, reduced the number of
links and images, and spread out the time that mails were

The results speak for themselves; their newsletter Open
Rate went up from 15 to 30%.

Stratech - ITG Connect 2023

“Using Deployteq’s tips had a very positive effect on the open rate of our newsletter. We are very happy with the result!” – QOMPAS”

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