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Creative Marketing Operations Platform

Control your entire creative production as you automate and localize your marketing at scale.

The world’s leading brands work with Storyteq

Save Time

by controlling cross-departmental creative workflows.

Reduce Costs

by scaling your creative production without adding headcount.

Roll Out

global campaigns locally through powerful brand portals and playbooks.

The SaaS platform for marketing and creative teams that want to quickly adapt and adopt global and local content in more automated ways.

Collaborate. Scale. Activate.


Control your operations across both marketing and creative teams.

Brief and plan cross-departmental projects
Design and implement dynamic workflows
Review and approve content


Reduce your creative production costs and produce in bulk with Creative Automation.

Create dynamic templates
Automate creative production
Control file output for every platform


Adopt and adapt all your master campaigns and localize your creative assets for every channel, audience, and touchpoint.

Choose ready-to-use on-brand content
Localize global stories easily
Maximize engagement and marketing performance with Dynamic Content Optimization

Explore the Storyteq platform for all your marketing and creative needs


Brief projects

Define project objectives, budget, deliverables, and timelines.

Plan campaigns

Get a clear overview of all tasks status via a drag and drop collaborative visual timeline task viewer.

Assign tasks

Manage team and individual responsibilities, with concrete tasks, subtasks, descriptions and deadlines.

Budget resources

Optimize your budget while viewing local rates for asset production, ensuring your campaigns will always be delivered on time and on budget.

Approve content

Comment directly on creative assets (like specific scenes in videos) as part of your reviewal process, along with assigning reviewing parties and their deadlines.

Unique templating

Turn your master files into on-brand dynamic templates with our powerful self-service Template Builder or Adobe After Effects extension.

Bulk creation

Render multiple creative assets in batches and download all of them in bulk as a single zip file.

Brand portals

Use on-brand content and templates that are ready to adapt through this customizable interface and follow step-by-step instructions for rolling out effective marketing campaigns.

Multi-channel distribution

Deliver digital assets online with our multiple integrations or send them straight to the printer.

Dynamic Content Optimization

Build templates ready for Dynamic Content Optimization (DCO) to automatically optimize your content for a variety of channels.

Smart storage

Tag, manipulate, and handle bulk usage and access of your creative assets, securely.

Unmatched level of integrations and security to make your brand future proof

A complete ISO-certified SaaS solution with an unrivalled number of integrations, unlimited storage, and a strong partnerships ecosystem.

James Masters, Marketing Content Management Product Director at GSK

Global campaigns delivered in 30 days. 16 days. One day.

James Masters, Marketing Content Management Product Director at GSK

Global campaigns delivered in 30 days. 16 days. One day.

Bring in more data, drive more growth with our integrations

A complete ISO-certified SaaS solution with an unrivalled number of integrations, unlimited storage, and a strong partnerships ecosystem.

Company-level security and 2FA ISO27001 certified

Enable two-factor authentication so that your creations are safe.

Easily integrate

SSO available for all major Identity Service Providers.


Fully GDPR-compliant so you always have peace of mind.

Fast time to value

Have separate environments for your brands through a centralized access point.

Multiple integrations

Easily integrate components of our platform within your MarTech stack or connect to our API as a powerful asset generation engine.

Internal analytics

Through our platform dashboard, remain informed on the statistics of what is created, when, and for which audiences.

Dedicated customer support

Enjoy on-call access to a success account manager
as well as outstanding onboarding, training
and support. 

Fast time to value

Instantly experience the benefits of adopting the Storyteq platform

Create stories at scale, with Storyteq

Over the last decade, digital marketing has become more complex. Customer behaviour has changed drastically due to shorter attention spans and a competitive multiformat omni-channel advertising space. This requires more customized and localized content to capture their attention.

We know how challenging it can be to roll out a whole marketing campaign when many steps involved are messy and the workflows and processes between marketing and creative teams are flawed.

Since 2016, Storyteq has been helping global marketing and creative teams in top global brands to control, automate, and localize the production of high volumes of quality content at scale.


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When the cookie crumbles, and marketers do not have access to the same user data, they will be in need of a solution.

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In turn increasing their output volume and production speed while streamlining workflows.


Building an efficient production process through Creative Automation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does our pricing work?

All packages include the one-time setup fee and a monthly recurring license fee which varies based on platform usage or extra support requests from our Managed Service team. With the Storyteq platform, you can increase your creative production without needing to increase your headcount. In other words, our platform can save you money, time, and creative energy.

What’s the learning curve to master the Creative Automation platform?

Our Customer Success team will guide you with embedding our platform in your workflow and help the creative teams think in templates. We then also train the teams in a way that suits your organization best. This usually takes two 90 minutes training sessions and follow-up sessions for Q&A. We follow up constantly during the first months to make sure adoption takes place with continuous attention and advice.

We don’t really have a team of creatives. Can you help us?
At Storyteq, we have a dedicated team of experts, the Managed Services team, who can work elbow to elbow with your team to get things done.
To what ad channels and Digital Asset Management systems can the Storyteq platform connect?

Storyteq is an official creative partner for the world’s largest platforms. Import your assets and deliver your creatives directly to the following ad channels: Facebook Ad Manager, Google Ads, Google DV360, Google Campaign manager and Digital Assets Management systems: CanopyCloud, Brandfolder, Bynder, Google Drive, or custom integrations.