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Data-driven customer engagement

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Unbeatable Customer Engagement 

It’s now easier than ever to deliver intuitive, fully connected campaigns that engage your audience and generate conversions. Discover the possibilities with Deployteq below.


Fully configurable, highly intuitive
marketing planning tool.

Bring every arm of your marketing operation together with CanopyPlanner, an advanced
management tool for coherent, collaborative and progressive ways of working. Create optimal
planning and operational processes across all of your channels and markets, configured and fine-
tuned to your unique requirements.

With CanopyPlanner, tedious spreadsheets are a thing of the past, replaced by highly visual and
interactive tools that allow you to manage spend, workflow and everything in-between.

And keep all of the information at your fingertips as CanopyAnalytics feeds in real-time
performance data, helping you ensure that each campaign is better than the last.


Security and speed guaranteed with
Deployteq’s Transactional email service

Everything is under one roof. Discover the power of client data and connect with your visitors
through their preferred channels with personalised transactional and commercial communication.
Create the perfect mobile experience by utilising 1-on-1 communication channels such as
WhatsApp, email, SMS, and more!

Data Platform

Own your data

Create a 360-degree customer view with Datateq. Trigger hyper-personalized campaigns via the
right channel, perfectly timed. With a single source of truth, you’ll be in control of all your data.


Scale your team when and where needed

Our platform is fully self-service. Excellent onboarding, dedicated account managers and customer support are always included, but sometimes you just need that extra pair of hands. Our award-winning Deployteq Services team is here to help you.

Some of the world’s biggest names
use Deployteq to increase ROI and
drive customer loyalty

Just ask brands like Virgin Media, Renault and Vodafone, who are using Deployteq to reach their customers and prospects more effectively than ever before.

Know your audience 

Dynamic audience segmentation means no inaccurate data lists and fewer embarrassing moments. Simply exact, real-time profiles that generate and update continuously and immediately in Deployteq.

Jaw-dropping emails,
no developers required

Easily build personal, beautiful, and triggered emails with the Deployteq drag-and-drop editor, with a template built just for you!

Bring in more data, drive more
growth with our integrations

With your own data fuelled template, send
hype-personalised targeted campaigns such as:

Abandoned Shopping Cart

Welcome Series

Cross & Up-sell



Reactivation & Retargeting



Event & ticketing

Powerful features of Deployteq

Integrate everywhere, instantly

Enhance the power of your technology. Headache free, unlimited
integrations across your entire teq stack.

A platform, just for you

Like a lego set for marketers. Deployteq Is modular, build your
perfect platform from your choice of channels and
functionality. Pay for what you use, nothing more.

You have access to a wide range of channels: SMS, Email,
WhatsApp Business, Mobile App, Landing Pages, RCS, Print
and call centre organisation can remain future proof.

First-class Service

Always-on support or complete managed services. Build yourself or make use of our experts. We’ve always got your back.

Why use Marketing Automation over
a traditional email
service provider?

Future-proof: Scale up your customer service by easily adding more channels forms, WhatsApp or SMS.

Grows with you: Segment your lists and grow your audience with personalised communications at the perfect time.

One-On-One communication: By utilising various contact fields, behavioural activities and more, you can send nearly one-to-one communication to your audience – a highly targeted approach over the typical email blast.

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Deployteq combines deep data with
ultimate flexibility, meaning you send
the right message, to the right channel,
at exactly the right time – every time.

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